Nick Murgatroyd has been on the island since 2001. | Clinica Veterinaria Bendinat

Leading local vet, Nick Murgatroyd took time out this week to give an interview to the Bulletin about his work and his life on the island.

Q.— What brought you to Mallorca and is it the place you now call home?
A. — “I came to Mallorca in 2001 for love. I met my wife who is Mallorcan, whilst she was studying English in a college in Salisbury, where I was living and working. Now Mallorca is definitely my home. Unless they throw us out over Brexit!!!!”

Q.— Do you think lockdown and Covid has brought people closer to their pets?
A. — “Definitely. We all realised what a benefit and a privilege it was and still is, to have a pet. Both physically; a dog makes you go out and have a walk. And mentally; dogs and cats are great company, which has helped in the tough times of confinement.”

Q.— What would be your advice for people planning to get a pet?
A. — “Super important question. You have to get the right pet to suit you and your situation. Also having a pet is a great responsibility. Time to care of them; the expense of food and routine treatments; against fleas, ticks, worms and vaccines. And unexpected illnesses and vet bills. A good vet clinic can advise you if you ask them, about what pet is best for you, your family and your individual situation. Doing your homework before can save a lot of sadness and suffering.”

Q.— What is your favourite pet and why?
A. — “Staffies (Staffordshire Bullterriers). They are so loyal and loving. They are a big dog in a small, happy body. I had one, called Julieta, for 15 years. Many clients will remember her. She was a fantastic member of our family, incredible with my 3 children and a superb ambassador for the clinic; she socialised, played with and taught lessons to hundreds of puppies and dogs who came to the clinic. Dogs loved to come to the clinic because of her.
“When she was old, I got Rafa Nadal. He learnt from her and is also one huge character in a small body. He has taken on her crown.”

Q.— What was your first pet?
A. — “Believe it or not when I was a child, we only had hamsters! I think I was frustrated, because I always wanted a dog and a cat. So, I decided to be a vet just so I could have as many as I wanted.”

Q.— What is the funniest anecdote you can remember from your time as a vet?
A. — “There are hundreds. If only I had written them all down, I could have become the next James Herriot…….. ( ha , ha, ha, your readers will probably be thinking, “Yes but James Herriot could write well!!”)

Q.— Would you encourage young people to become vets?
A. —“Yes, it’s a great profession and job. It’s been great for me. I still enjoy coming to work and speaking to my clients and their pets, even after 30 years.

Q.— Do you think that a pet is more a member of the family than ever?
A. —“Pets have always been a very important part of British families. I have also seen a great shift in Mallorca, in the last 20 years; now Spanish families care for and love their pets as much as we British do. But us Brits have always been famous for being pet-mad!

Q.— How has Brexit hit pet owners?
A. —“What a mess, for us all and our pets. All I can say is that the UK made it difficult for pets to go to the UK in the past and now Europe is getting its own back, in a big way!!!!”

Q.— What is the most outrageous name for a pet you have ever heard?
A. —“Albert, Brian I like human names. A cat called Dog and another dog called Taxi.
People are very ingenious when it comes to their pet’s names. Gin and Tonic if they have 2!! Widget and Wifi and many more.”