Michael Douglas at the fair.

Michael Douglas at the fair.


There were two unexpected visitors to the Palma Boat Show this week... Hollywood superstars, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

They took a tour around the fair which is taking place in Palma until tomorrow afternoon. The couple certainly appeared to be impressed. They are staying at their home between Valldemossa and Deya.


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Juan love / Hace 8 months

James- Why do so many of you lot have such low levels of basic English?


Dave / Hace 8 months

Ah BadBore strikes again. The champion of the down votes. If he were a football club it would be Millwall. The biggest Belgium money grabbing hypocrite who reads the MDB. Anti lockdown guy because he can't fill his rooms. Nasty selfish man.


Johnb / Hace 8 months

Why don't we send a quick text to Michael and ask him? Also ask why he's not wearing his face cloth? We can all then live happy ever after.


Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Phil, dude, I think that is not a "blue drink", but sanitizing hand gel. Unless you like that to drink maybe. So whose this idiot now?


Phil / Hace 8 months

Kay you are an idiot. He has a blue drink on the table. Do you want him to suck the drink through the mask 🤷‍♂️


James w / Hace 8 months

I see we have alot of mask warriors on here, thinking that little nappy on the front of your face achieves something. It's a placebo. I bet these people believe Dr Tony Fauci didn't have nothing to do with all this. So many sheep.


john / Hace 8 months

Just an observation but it looks like he's sitting at a table,and probably having a drink and relaxing. Does anybody now wear masks sitting having a drink or food? Probably not!


Car / Hace 8 months

Masks have been scientifically proven to do absolutely nothing to prevent viral transmission outdoors. Even the dirty WHO admits it.


Kay / Hace 8 months

So, this time it is Michael without facemask, last week in Palma, Catherine without facemask. Great ambassadors for Mallorca! Yet you choose to ignore this! Not great reporters of news, methinks. Probably will not share my views either. Yea just bin it, like you did the last one!