40 to 44 year-olds are the latest to be able to make appointments. | Teresa Ayuga

According to figures from the national ministry of health as of June 4, the region in Spain with the lowest percentage of its target population vaccinated is the Balearics.

The percentage of the Balearic target population to have received at least one dose is 40.6%. The highest percentage in the country is 57% in Asturias. The closest to the Balearics at the bottom of the list are Murcia (43%), the Canaries (43.6%) and the north African city of Melilla (43.8%).

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In terms of immunisation, i.e. both doses, the Balearics is also at the bottom. The 17.7% is behind the Canaries (19.8%) and Melilla (20.5%). Asturias also has the highest immunisation rate - 33.7%. For people over the age of 50 who have been immunised, the Balearics rate is 35.9%, which is again the lowest. Galicia has the highest - 54.4%. Only when it comes to at least one dose for the over-50s is the Balearics not the lowest; it is the second lowest (80.1%) above Melilla with 76.2%.

The vaccination rate in the Balearics has consistently been slower than other regions. The regional health ministry's explanation in the early weeks of the vaccination programme was that the Balearics has a younger population and so regions with older (and more vulnerable) populations were receiving proportionally more vaccines. Appointments for 40 to 44 year olds will be available from Monday.