Santa Catalina terraces, Palma.

Santa Catalina terraces, Palma.

07-06-2021M.A. Cañellas

Residents in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood of Palma say they’re fed up of the terraces that bar and restaurant owners have been allowed to set up in parking spaces and claim they’re turning the area into a mini-Magalluf.

Last weekend locals vented their fury on social media networks, posted photos and video of terraces overflowing with people and complained about the noise they make and that many customers were not wearing masks.

“This neighbourhood has become famous and it's overcrowded with customers," said the Santa Catalina Civic Association.

"This is a residential neighbourhood and we are suffering a lot. Before the lockdown it was noisy but not like it was this weekend," said one neighbour who didn’t want to be unidentified.

"Bars play music outside and we can't get any rest," adds a Residents' Association spokesperson.

The Association, which has been sharing photos and videos via WhatsApp, claims that the worst streets are Carrer de la Fàbrica, Carrer de Sant Magí, Carrer de la Pou, Carrer Soler and Carrer de la Pursiana.

"A few days ago an ambulance tried to reach a neighbour and bar and restaurant owners had to remove their tables and umbrellas to let it through,” said an Association spokesperson.

Residents insist there are too many terraces and that they take up so much room people can barely get past with shopping or to put out their rubbish.

“Bar and restaurant owners are ignoring the Neighbourhood Usage Plan and opening bars where they shouldn't,” said one resident.

“There are a lot of places that have drinks bars outside, live music or speakers on the pavements, people shouting and singing and not wearing masks. The Police don’t even respond when neighbours call about the noise,” says Music Maria, who lives on Carrer del Torrent.

Palma City Council has also received a number of complaints about people singing outside their homes at all hours.

It's unbearable and neighbours are protesting about this new normal, which just means more drinking and more noise,” says Juan, who lives on Carrer Comte de Barcelona

Reports have also been filed about illegal parking in Santa Catalina and illegal drinking in Parc de Sa Feixina.


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Gabriel / Hace 7 months

I am one of those that park illegally. Even though I have ora. Because I come home and there is no parking. And this is because the people come to drink with their cars. And the police does nothing to stop this. I live between two bars. I see people coming out the bar, having difficulties walking, and they get in the car or on the scooter and drive away. After 12 I have to go out and move the car to a legal position. Last week I fell asleep, in the morning I had the fine. It's kind of frustrating...


Dule / Hace 7 months

As someone living in Santa Catalina I can understand that there are complaints. But those people certainly do not represent the majority living here. Everyone I know would agree with Ben D.


Yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

they haven't created the virus and regulations so what are these '' doo-gooders '', complaining about ? Never happy and never satisfied. When you live in Santa Catalina you know what it is like. And it's far fetched to say live music outside. the government have stopped businesses from allowing people inside so not their faults. it just shows who is against small businesses operating after this extremely difficult year and a half. it amazes me people have such contempt and show little consideration for what has happened and trying to make a living. calling the police on them.. what has this country become and the people who call should be ashamed of themselves. disgusting humans. oh and tell these doo-gooders that '' the science says it is virtually impossible to catch covid outside i.e masks are pointless ''! these people want Mallorca to die cause European money they think will keep Mallorca going jaja


Not Myname / Hace 7 months

It's not just only Palma and its environs, and, it's not just bars and restaurants. Here in my village, they've added a clothing shop and a SMALL coffee bar to the list that obliterates (at least) 6 to 8 (maybe more) parking spaces on THE busiest (for motor traffic) street in town!

That’s okay though. The town fathers/mothers don’t mind residents (many quite elderly) parking ILLEGALY on a curb three or four blocks from Correos, or the bank, which is - at most - thirty meters from the clothing shops “terrace”, and trudging through the heat of the mid-day. Greased palms will get you anything you want, and to hell with the residents. It. Drives. Me. Insane!


Ben D / Hace 7 months

The neighborhood has never felt more alive, its so refreshing to see the streets lined with people again compared to the past year of emptiness. Lets not forgot about what makes Santa Catalina the popular place it is...bars restaurants and people, that's why people live there, that's why people come to the area.. How about the council builds more parking for residents, lets make the streets pedestrianized like Calle Fabrica.