Santa Catalina terraces, Palma. | M.A. Cañellas

Residents in the Santa Catalina neighbourhood of Palma say they’re fed up of the terraces that bar and restaurant owners have been allowed to set up in parking spaces and claim they’re turning the area into a mini-Magalluf.

Last weekend locals vented their fury on social media networks, posted photos and video of terraces overflowing with people and complained about the noise they make and that many customers were not wearing masks.

“This neighbourhood has become famous and it's overcrowded with customers," said the Santa Catalina Civic Association.

"This is a residential neighbourhood and we are suffering a lot. Before the lockdown it was noisy but not like it was this weekend," said one neighbour who didn’t want to be unidentified.

"Bars play music outside and we can't get any rest," adds a Residents' Association spokesperson.

The Association, which has been sharing photos and videos via WhatsApp, claims that the worst streets are Carrer de la Fàbrica, Carrer de Sant Magí, Carrer de la Pou, Carrer Soler and Carrer de la Pursiana.

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"A few days ago an ambulance tried to reach a neighbour and bar and restaurant owners had to remove their tables and umbrellas to let it through,” said an Association spokesperson.

Residents insist there are too many terraces and that they take up so much room people can barely get past with shopping or to put out their rubbish.

“Bar and restaurant owners are ignoring the Neighbourhood Usage Plan and opening bars where they shouldn't,” said one resident.

“There are a lot of places that have drinks bars outside, live music or speakers on the pavements, people shouting and singing and not wearing masks. The Police don’t even respond when neighbours call about the noise,” says Music Maria, who lives on Carrer del Torrent.

Palma City Council has also received a number of complaints about people singing outside their homes at all hours.

It's unbearable and neighbours are protesting about this new normal, which just means more drinking and more noise,” says Juan, who lives on Carrer Comte de Barcelona

Reports have also been filed about illegal parking in Santa Catalina and illegal drinking in Parc de Sa Feixina.