Patricia Guasp of Ciudadanos in the Balearics.

Patricia Guasp of Ciudadanos.


President Armengol said in parliament on Tuesday that the Balearic Islands are "ready" to welcome British tourists.

The whole of Spain is on the UK amber list, Armengol pointed out. The UK government's decision, she stated, was based on an "internal" issue, that of the high incidence of the Indian variant. Nevertheless, the islands are a safe destination, with a 14-day cumulative incidence of just 39 cases per 100,000. Objectively, the Balearics should be on the green list. European countries, she noted, have no problem with travel to the islands.

In this regard, Palma Son Sant Joan Airport currently has the highest level of international traffic in Spain and is sixth in Europe. Six out of ten German tourists coming to Spain are choosing the Balearics.

Patricia Guasp of the opposition Ciudadanos said that the UK decision was a "severe blow" and asked Armengol to be "at her most demanding" in getting the Spanish government to "redouble" its diplomatic efforts.

Guasp wondered why the Balearics have not been promoted in the UK, as has been the case in Germany, stressing that remaining on the amber list "plunges us into uncertainty and instability".

Given the situation, the president needs to launch a "Plan B". The UK's "veto" is condemning many hotels and tourist businesses. Increasing demand from other markets will not make up for the loss of British tourists. The start of the season, Guasp insisted, "has not been saved".


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Caladorian / Hace 7 months

I had no problems with getting a refund from BA (just waited until after the scheduled date so that there was no debate that they'd cancelled it) but if you fly with Ryanair you get exactly what you pay for: Appalling service for peanuts.


Juan love / Hace 7 months

Many people will realise after this situation, that Majorca isn't the only place to holiday, (and that we also don't have to pay a "tourist tax" before we've even unpacked our bags in every Hotel).


john / Hace 7 months

Seriously, Spain is beginning to look a little silly with this whole thing. I mean objectively I should be a millionaire, but Im not because I spend too much. Stop trying to control things outside of your control. You will not be getting any Brits this summer. Maybe go and have a word with your EU friends about their behaviour and maybe you will seem movement on the green list... Use some common sense. Our government know you need us and wont play ball until the EU play ball.


John Law / Hace 7 months

With just 17.7% of us vaccinated, and contagion rising in the UK, how the devil do you work that out?