Vaccination has generally been slower in the Balearics than elsewhere.


According to President Armengol, the Balearics is the leading region for the vaccination of the 40 to 50-year-old age group. Responding to points from Jorge Campos of Vox in parliament on Tuesday, Armengol said: "I don't know what world they (Vox) live in. People are very content."

Campos was critical of the fact that the islands have one of the lowest vaccination rates in Spain. The president, he observed, wants to sell the Balearics as a safe destination, "while it is at the back of the queue in terms of vaccination". Armengol insisted that "we are conducting a very good vaccination campaign". Almost 630,000 doses have been administered, and "we lead the ranking for 40 to 50-year-olds". "Everyone is congratulating me for the vaccination production line."

The president also faced opposition questions about last week's Supreme Court ruling that annulled the curfew in the Balearics. Measures, she insisted, have been taken based on health advice and have been discussed with the island councils and the social dialogue table (with business and unions). They have had the endorsement of the Balearic High Court and "have allowed us to be the region which has saved most lives and has reactivated the economy". "The Supreme Court has pronounced. We are complying with this, but we do not share the opinion."

Antoni Costa of the Partido Popular argued that the Supreme Court had corrected "the authoritarianism and arrogance with which they (the government) have governed over recent months". The government has believed that citizens' rights are its "toy". Meanwhile, the tourism season is not starting, and the Balearic Islands are at the bottom of the vaccination percentages. "Not even 20% of the population has been immunised, and there are 140,000 doses of vaccine waiting in IB-Salut refrigerators."


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Mark Badoer / Hace 7 months

I think Armengol is (purposely) confusing two things for her own benefit. Ofcourse the people who are now vaccinated, are content. I had my 2 jabs, all good, very content. And I was impressed with how efficient it all went and how organised things were. BUT, 2 vaccination centres in the whole of Palma? (I think a 3rd one being opened).And when I went the first time, I could just walk in, register, get to choose who gave me the jab, register for next shot and walk out. 20 mins all in all. The place was half empty. Now that is silly. But don´t blame the IB Salut people. They are amazing. Blame Francine and the Commies.


Lisa / Hace 7 months

Gosh head in the sand or what??

Our leader needs to look at the actual figures. Perhaps Andrew Ede could explain them too her, it appears the woman is completely deluded.

It concerns me that I agree with Vox, but they are spot on. Vaccination numbers here are appalling - the WORST in Spain.