Meeting in Calvia, Mallorca

The meeting with tourism business representatives.


At a meeting with tourism business representatives on Wednesday, Calvia's mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, and tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, stressed the importance of all sectors working together, as this will be key to economic and tourism reactivation, especially in resorts like Magalluf with a high dependence on the UK market.

During the current period of de-escalation of restrictions, mayor and minister highlighted the need for "control" of establishments in order not to jeopardise the image of Magalluf as a tourist destination. The tourism of excesses decree, they indicated, will be applied "strictly", as the key is "not to ruin the season".

Negueruela insisted that measures which have been adopted have been "absolutely essential" in arriving at the summer with the Balearics a safe destination that is "more open" than other destinations.

The minister described the tone of the meeting as "positive", while the mayor emphasised the "common objective of recovering activity and guaranteeing the opening of the British market".


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Peter / Hace 7 months

Pure fantasy. Never seen control before in Magaluf, either by the bar owners or the Police, and cannot imagine how it could ever be achieved. A big mistake in letting Punta Ballena open again because of it.


Roger / Hace 7 months

If they need a meeting to try and stress 'what not to do' they are completely misguided and in reality have no hope of success....the government is continually trying to fight against the ongoing negativity of even the word 'Magaluf' and, as usual, given their limited understanding of the subject at hand they see no alternatives.....why...because they have no island strategy to deal with all current issues!!