The Government promised that the vaccination programme would go into overdrive this month and it now says an average of 15,000 doses a day are expected to be administered this week, with all lines at vaccination centres fully activated.

According to the latest Ministry of Health data: 1.4% of the Balearic population had received one Covid vaccine by Wednesday with 16,108 vaccinations administered, which is the most in a single day so far.

There are now 39 lines open in Mallorca; 14 at Germans Escalas sports centre, 7 at Son Dureta and 6 at Son Espases where professionals under the age of 60 years old, who were given AstraZeneca are getting their second jab. There are also 6 lines open in Inca and 6 in Manacor.

A record 411,200 vaccine doses will arrive this month and with Health Centres now authorised to give vaccinations, an extra 20,000 people a week are expected to receive their Covid vaccines. Appointment are available via the BitCita website at:

183,660 Covid doses of the June vaccine supply have already arrived and another 227,540 will be received by the end of the month.

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657,331 vaccines have been administered and 451,554, or 45.8% of over-16's have received their first jab and are partially protected and 226,984 or 23% have had both jabs.

On Thursday, the Balearic Islands still had the least amount of people vaccinated. IB-Salut Director, Juli Fuster claims that's because in the beginning most Covid vaccine doses went to Communities with more elderly people and because the population of the Balearic Islands is one of the youngest communities in Spain, fewer vaccines were received.

The percentage of vaccination needs to be stepped as soon as possible to protect the public and bring the Balearic Islands in line with the rest of Spain.

"The important thing is that the Balearic Islands will complete the vaccination programme at the same time as the other Communities," claims Fuster.

Many Autonomous Communities only started vaccinating the over 49's on Monday, whereas immunisation of those aged 40-44 was already underway in the Balearic Islands.

The Ministry of Health originally planned on vaccinating a different decade every month, but is now confident that immunisation of those aged 35-39 will start sooner than expected.