National Police Officers with suspect in Pere Garau, Palma. | Ultima Hora

Two Ecuadorians have been arrested in Palma for alleged robbery with violence and a Colombian has been detained for felony injury.

The Ecuadorians were allegedly stabbed in Palma in the early hours of Sunday morning, when they tried to rob a Colombian man in Carrer Torcuato Luca Tena in the Pere Garau district of the city.

Police say they received simultaneous calls from neighbours reporting a man lying bleeding in Calle Aragón and another wounded man close by.

A 28-year-old Ecuadorian suffered stab wounds to his arm and back, and had cuts on his chest and his 23-year-old friend was stabbed in the face and body. The Ecuadorians claim that the Colombian attacked them for no reason when they were walking down the street.

The 22-year-old Colombian claims that the Ecuadorians tried to rob him and he was forced to defend himself.

Officers say all three men were carrying knives, screwdrivers and other sharp objects.

The Ecuadorian with the most serious injuries was taken to Son Llàtzer Hospital and his friend was treated at a local medical centre.

Police say there’s been a disturbing increase in fights and assaults amongst Latin American youths since the State of Alarm and curfew were lifted in Palma and a number of people have been seriously injured.

Gang members often meet at Polígono Son Castelló to go to illegal drinking parties and secret nightclubs.