German tourism has been vital for Mallorca. | Pere Bota

More than 60% of hotels associated with the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation are now open. The 524 that are operating are almost four times as many than two months ago. In April, only 137 hotels were open, a number that would normally be unheard of. Likewise, for 40% of hotels to still be closed in the second half of June is far from usual. But the reasons why are well understood - there are still restrictions on mobility and none more so than where the British tourist market is concerned.

The current amber listing of Mallorca by the UK government means that the "complementary offer" (bars, restaurants, shops) is staying closed as well as hotels in resorts or those areas of resorts which would normally be full of British tourists. The executive vice-president of the federation, Maria José Aguilo, says that the absence of British tourists is creating "a vast hole" and that British tourism this summer remains an unknown.

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By contrast, other tourism markets are working well, Aguiló noting that the German market is "functioning perfectly". Dutch, Danish, Spanish; these are among other markets which allow the 60% of hotels to be open. It was the lifting of German government advice against travel to the Balearics which was key to getting the season started.

From July 1, thanks to the progress of vaccination campaigns and the full launch of the digital Covid certificate, the federation anticipates even stronger recovery, Aguiló stressing the good epidemiological situation in Mallorca and the Balearics and the maintenance of necessary protocols. "It is necessary to continue complying with the rules in order to prevent setbacks. We cannot allow these."