Meeting of retailer and town hall representatives.

Under Palma town hall's traffic plans, parking on the Avenidas will be restricted to residents. For this reason, the mobility department is studying car parking discounts or free parking for customers of businesses in the city centre.

At a Monday meeting with the mobility councillor, Francesc Dalmau, representatives from the Pimeco retailers association said that parking is one of their main concerns arising from the town hall's new plans. Dalmau indicated that there are five car parks which could be covered by a scheme for businesses - Antoni Maura, Comtat del Rosselló, Gabriel Alomar, Plaça Major and Via Roma.

The president of Pimeco, Antoni Fuster, welcomed the town hall's commitment, as this is "important for small businesses". "We have told them that we want a sustainable but accessible city, which is essential for the survival of small businesses. We are not at the same level as the large stores."