Calle Fábrica, Santa Catalina, Palma.

Calle Fábrica, Santa Catalina, Palma.

22-06-2021M. À. Cañellas

Palma Local Police have launched an investigation after a resident of Santa Catalina claimed he was assaulted when he told a street musician to stop playing.

At around 21:45 pm on Sunday the street musician was playing guitar via an amplifier beside two restaurants in Calle Fábrica. A neighbour who was annoyed by the volume of the guitar, went down to the street and informed the musician that live music was prohibited in the area by Municipal Ordinance.

The musician replied: "Who are you to tell me to stop playing?"

The resident then called the Police at least three times, but no patrol car appeared at the scene.


The neighbour went home, but returned to the street with his mobile phone and started videotaping the artist in order to show the Municipal Authority what was happening every day in the street.

According to the Police complaint, the musician lost his temper, slapped the resident in the face and started shouting at him in a foreign language.

When he went back to playing his guitar and turned up the volume on his speaker, customers at the bars and restaurants started applauding.


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northbound / Hace 7 months

If it's too loud, you're too old. Move to a nice quiet neighborhood.


lily / Hace 7 months

So a busker breaks the law by using an amplifier, hits a resident, nobody helps the resident and diners applaud the buskers actions and his turning up the volume of his amp???????? Shame on the diners.


Tom / Hace 7 months

Because the police have become powerless against these tupes of behaviour and they cannot control the uncontrollable influx of oeople now swamping Mallorca ! No wonder Covid numbers going up here ! Armengol will soon be left no choise but to act or step down !


Leo / Hace 7 months

Why was the musician not arrested for assault? As for applause, ,just more selfishness. They would not like it next to their property.