The Balearics had more foreign hotel guests than elsewhere. | Pilar Pellicer

In May, there were 7.2 million overnight stays in Spain's hotels, a huge increase on the 271,000 in May last year. This number was nevertheless down by 77% compared with May 2019. Of the 7.2 million, almost two-thirds were by Spanish residents. Across the country, 10,464 establishments were open; there were 1,575 in May 2020.

Figures from the National Statistics Institute show that the Balearics had 12.8% of all overnight stays. Andalusia and Catalonia had 17.7% and 14.7% respectively. The Balearics had the most stays by non-Spaniards - 29.5% - followed by the Canaries and Catalonia.

The highest occupancy rate was in the Balearics (45.8%). By tourist areas, Mallorca had the highest overall occupancy (50.3%); Muro, with 57.7%, had the highest occupancy among all resorts. The number of overnight stays in Mallorca in May was the highest in the country - 772,538.

Of foreign visitors, German and French accounted for the most stays - 27.7% and 19% respectively.

Average billing for five-star hotels was 180.9 euros. For four stars it was 81.3 euros, and for three stars 58.5 euros.

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Over the first five months of the year, overnight stays were down 54% compared with January to May 2020. January, February and some of March last year were of course unaffected by the pandemic.