Andreu Serra: Council of Mallorca tourism chief.

Majorca is the safest destination in the Mediterranean, if not Europe, and we can´t wait to welcome British holiday makers back to the island,” the Council of Majorca’s Councillor for Tourism and Sport, Andreu Serra, said today after the British government placed the Balearics on the green travel list on Thursday night.

“The decision by the British government has come as a result of months of extremely hard work by all of the local authorities and society as a whole.

“We have all come together to bring the number of Covid cases down to the lowest level in Spain and most other destintions in Europe and the British government’s decisions is testimony to how we’ve all tackled the pandemic.

“And now we are all looking forward to seeing the British return to their beloved island.

“Majorca, as I said, is a safe destination.

“All the information regarding the few restrictions we do have in place is available on social media platforms and providing we, as a society, and visitors comply by the protocol, we will have an uninterrupted season but more importantly it will mean that British visitors will be able to enjoy the very best of Majorca, one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

“They will able to enjoy our wonderful beaches and secluded bays, the interior of the island, the mountains, sport, gastronomy, culture, heritage, hospitality and sailing to the very maximum.

“The authorities have everything in place to ensure that British visitors don’t have to worry about their health, they can put their worries and concerns behind and relax in the beautiful surroundings of Majorca and everything it has to offer.

“We have had a relatively good start to what is going to be an unusual season but the British market is the second largest in Majorca and the most important to the whole of the Balearics, so to be able to open our arms and embrace the return of British tourists next week is a major boost for everyone in Majorca and the tourist industry as whole both in the UK and here on the island.

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“A large number of hotels have been on standby waiting for the British market to be given the green light and now it has, resorts across Majorca are reopening as we speak so that everything is in place and everybody is ready.

“We’ve got so much to offer, as millions of Britons already know, but in order to ensure that they can enjoy their holidays to the full, the Balearic government, with the support of the Council of Majorca and other agencies, have taken a slow and careful approach with regards to easing restrictions because we all wanted to get it right.

“We want to have a solid and long season.

“We know we are on what the British government has called “the watch list” so we can’t afford to take any chances and be downgraded to amber. That is not going to happen.

“British holiday makers can start booking and coming here to Majorca with the maximum confidence that they will be safe and well cared for.

“Right from the start our primary concern was to save lives and now we are in the very best possible position to have a good season.

“Obviously we’ve all got to be careful and cautious but that is no reason for Britons to shy away from Majorca, an island millions of Britons have been coming to for generations.

“Everything is in place for the love affair the British have with Majorca and visa versa to continue and flourish.”

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