Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, Calvia Mayor.

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, Calvia Mayor. archive photo.


Being added to the UK's 'Green' list is fantastic news for Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands, not least because places like Magalluf, Santa Ponsa and Palmanova are desperate to get the season started.

Calvia Mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal is over the moon that British tourists will be back in Mallorca from next week.

"Now that the United Kingdom has put the Balearic Islands on the ‘Green’ list the number of trips by British tourists will go up. Without a doubt, this is excellent news for Calvia and for all the Balearic Islands."

The streets of Calvia have been empty since the beginning of last year and a number of local businesses have already gone bust, but the rest are looking forward to making up for lost time and lost revenue.

"The truth is that in the Municipality of Calvia, places like Santa Ponsa and Magalluf have suffered intense falls in income because of the closure of the British market. More than 45% of hotel occupation in Palmanova, Magalluf correspond to the British market, so this is excellent news, which will reactivate the market and support the excellent work that’s already been done as a society and as a Community," says Mayor Rodríguez Badal.

The Balearic Islands are on the 'Green' watch list, which means they could revert to 'Amber' if Covid infections start to rise.

"The cumulative incidence rate in the Balearics is very low and there are very few new cases, which makes the Islands and Calvia the most open destination for British tourists in the Mediterranean and all of Europe," he add. "It is excellent news and it allows the economic reactivation that we desperately need. Now we must trust that everyone will be socially responsible so that we can continue to maintain this island as a safe destination and avoid mistakes that could alter confidence. The British market has already confirmed that we are a safe destination and we trust that we can maintain the necessary activity to bring more work and many more possibilities to Calvia."


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Ryan / Hace 7 months

Run and hide! The Delta variant is coming! PCR tests twice a day minimum and we must keep our N95s on indoors. Don’t forget to bath in hand sanitizer 26 times per day.

Enough with all this you CLOWNS! Especially, Stan. MAYBE, if you’d not abused and destroyed your own body with years of high carbohydrate food intake and alcohol, you wouldn’t need to be scared of Covid.

How about getting in shape to help save the economy?

What a joke.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 7 months

@Stan. No way pal, it's all about money. A complete disaster, new cases in both countries soaring, from today masks off, and soon masses of non-tested Brits amongst us....


Carly / Hace 7 months

I can understand that we need tourists to help/save businesses. What I can’t understand is letting people in from the U.K. with no tests. We as residents have followed all the rules during lockdown and it could all go pear shaped. I myself have only had one vaccination. I am concerned


Joan / Hace 7 months

Sorry Stan, that hasn't, and won't happen. No tests for anybody visiting, even from India. We'll soon be with contagion levels soaring, and with restrictions or lockdowns for us again before long. Still, as long as it makes the Hoteliers Federation rich, that's the main thing....


Peter / Hace 7 months

The daily contagion numbers are about to soar here again of course, which will put us with restrictions and/lockdowns here once again. The only sheild that we had was the Amber List, which our "government" have been grovelling to change to green for their bosses, the Hoteliers Federation. Boris's decision has been a big disappointment for the majority of sane people here. The only hope now is that the EU orders the cuarantine of visitors from countries to others with contagion rates higher than theirs, or that the UK becomes obliged to return us to their Amber list.


Johno / Hace 7 months

Don’t panic Stan us Brits are not coming after all we prefer to stay in the UK this year.


Stan. / Hace 7 months

Please please ensure any Tourist Visitor has had TWO Vaccinations ,PCR Testing both on departure and Arrival. Irrespective of where they have travelled from, UK,Germany ,the EU etc. There needs to be further PCR testing on departure from Mallorca and their Arrival Country. I do not want to see the Indian Delta variant entering Mallorca, forcing another LOCKDOWN.