Test rate has been 3.75% and 2.64% over the past two days.

25-06-2021Carlos Barba

The Balearic health ministry's main overview report for coronavirus hasn't been updated since Tuesday, but drawing from other sources, the latest 24-hour period (in effect Thursday) produced 64 new positive cases with a test rate of 2.64% from 2,424 tests. Forty-eight of these cases were in Mallorca.

For Wednesday, different numbers are being quoted - certain sources saying 100 new positive cases, a government source indicating 98. Either way, these were well up on the 60 cases that corresponded to Tuesday and which were the highest for one day since May 1. Seventy-four of these new cases were in Mallorca. The test rate was 3.75%.

The total number of deaths is 845, which is an increase of one from what it was on Tuesday. Sixty-six more people have recovered, including four who were in hospital. On wards, there are 21 Covid patients in the Balearics, an increase of four, while in intensive care the number remains seven.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up from 45.58 to 52.70%; the seven-day incidence is up from 21.42 to 24.16. In Mallorca, the 14-day incidence has risen from 42.80 to 49.80. The test rate for seven days in the Balearics is up from 1.50% to 2.10%. For Mallorca it is up from 1.86% to 2.74%.

In terms of vaccination, 852,355 doses have been administered in the Balearics - 54.4% of the target population have been vaccinated at least once, and 34.9% have completed the course of vaccination.

At municipality level in Mallorca, new positive cases for the past seven days are:

134: Palma

22: Llucmajor

17: Sa Pobla

14: Manacor

13: Ses Salines

12: Marratxi

11: Calvia, Pollensa

7: Capdepera

5: Inca

4: Alcudia, Son Servera

3: Sant Llorenç, Santanyi

2: Andratx, Arta, Binissalem, Bunyola, Campos, Esporles, Felanitx

1: Ariany, Campanet, Llubi, Sant Joan, Santa Maria, Sencelles


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Rich / Hace 7 months

As James says there are 2 important figures, the burden.on hospitals and the number of deaths. Other than those we should only be concerned about total collapse of the economy and the effects of lockdown on people. Pumping us full of drugs only serves to further weaken our already depleted immune system.


James w / Hace 7 months

People need to stop being brainwashed and scared of cases. Cases will always be around if you keep testing and looking for them. If the vaccine works then they should be very little hospitalisations and deaths. Remember that is why we lock down for the health services. If you carry on judging all this on cases. We will never return to normal. The Spanish flu just disappeared because there wasn't the technology back then to test so everyone got on with there lives. And that was a real pandemic. PCR test isnt even designed to find viruses it's flawed in so many ways. The man who created the PCR said so himself.


Glen / Hace 7 months

Come on people, everything is about money and not peoples health, do not let anybody fool you. When enough money have reached the island they will start talking that we need to be locked in again again with restrictions and masks. Get used of it because this is how it is in a police state.


Jan / Hace 7 months

I have to say, we must expect a rise, but this will be explosive, if brits can travel in without a test. They are at 119/100.000 + Delta is rising, and countries way below this, are still doing tests traveling into the Balearics.. I have to hope for EU to do something about this, I give it 1 months, and we have new restrictions on the island... :-(


Ive / Hace 7 months

Dear President Armengol, After your excellent work to date the Balearics are now heading for a perfect storm. You surely cannot allow the British to visit the islands without PCR Tests and even Quarantine. Recent events in Portugal, the Students, the Covid 14 day now above 50, relaxation of Masks, reactivation of the Nightlife all combining to chaos again. As the oracle (Merkel) said the EU must stand together. Ive


John Law / Hace 7 months

The daily contagion numbers are about to soar here again of course, which will put us with restrictions and/lockdowns here once again. The only sheild that we had was the Amber List, which our "government" have been grovelling to change to green for their bosses, the Hoteliers Federation. Boris's decision has been a big disappointment for the majority of sane people here. The only hope now is that the EU orders the cuarantine of visitors from countries to others with contagion rates higher than theirs, or that the UK becomes obliged to return us to their Amber list.