Beach blues.

Beach blues.


Spain will demand a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination from British tourists who want to enter Mallorca, Ibiza and other Balearic Islands, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Monday.

"What we are going to do is apply to British tourists who go to the Balearic Islands the same requirements we make of other European citizens," Sanchez told Cadena SER radio.

"They will need a full dose of vaccine or a negative PCR," he added, referring to a type of test for the coronavirus.

The new rules will come into force within 72 hours, Sanchez said, without specifying a day.
The move was needed because of a worrying rise in infections in the United Kingdom, TVE quoted him as saying.

Spain had previously decided to lift the requirement for Britons to present a negative PCR test from May 20.

Authorities in Mallorca, a popular holiday destination for Spaniards and foreigners alike, are investigating a coronavirus outbreak involving more than 600 students.


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Terry / Hace 7 months

If you make it too difficult for us to come from the UK I'll just go somewhere else like Turkey or stay in the UK. I'm not going to be forced to take a vaccine.


leanne / Hace 7 months

if the spanish think there is no delta variant on the island already they are sorely mistaken. all the hallmarks are already there.


Jackie D / Hace 7 months

The only reason the British figures are so high is because they are still surge testing! No other European countries are doing this - if they were, their cases would be rising too. On the plus side Britain is leading the way on vaccines.


UllaK / Hace 7 months

Chris, all EU countries have exactly the same requirements as the British, no difference. These requirements have been in force for a long time.


Ullak / Hace 7 months

David, what you don't get is that they have requested negative PCR test or fully vaccinated 2 weeks before entering from ALL EU countries, for a very long time. A bit rich to accuse Spain ignoring science, as UK is not in the forefront despite lots vaccinated. It's is rather simple PCR or fully vaccinated, can't be any more simple.


The Happy Doctor / Hace 7 months

It’s not the adults you should be worrying about. The delta virus is spreading like wildfire amongst school kids, yet there are no plans to test them before entry.


GrahamJ / Hace 7 months

Majorca has tightened it’s rules that’s for sure..... have a look at car hire costs and accomodation prices ! Almost 800 for a basic car for two weeks fully comp. nahhhhhh.... I’ll stick to the UK THIS YEAR AND THE. UNTIL Majorca properly welcomes us back


Stephen / Hace 7 months

A lot of very sour grapes English expats resident in the islands I see from the comments. Very virtuous about “our islands”. Well I can put your mind at rest most of us Brits with properties in Majorca will NOT be visiting this year as your vaccination levels are still far to low, and we don’t want to bring any virus back to the UK. So you can sit quite happily on your empty beaches and empty bars.


Helena Geary / Hace 7 months

I can assure you all from U.K. Indian variant - it is not half as serious as original covid variant. We are doing more than 3 x the amount of testing Germany, France etc are doing hence the higher test levels but low volumes, we have over 61% of country vaccinated. The whole PCR thing is very a stressful and unnecessary not to mention expensive, we have been told we can’t use the free NHS PCR test but have to pay between £150-£300 for a private company. This rule will put many brits off travelling


janedew / Hace 7 months

All the holiday destinations that rely on tourist money want our money but not our physical presence. You can't have one without the other.