RFB Music Erasmus Concert, Palma. | R.S.

The Balearic Government and Palma City Council were warned about the high risk of contagion at an RFB Music Erasmus concert in Plaza de Toros before the event took place, according to a joint report by Police and Government Technicians.

“Given the number of spectators, their age and the high state of excitement of the young people, it was decided, along with the event organisers, to shorten the performance times and carry out a a controlled closure to avoid altercations,” the report stated.


At the first concert, things got out of hand when older students allegedly bought alcohol and gave it to younger students, some of whom got drunk and ended up lying all over the floor.

When Police and Government technicians arrived at the venue they found crowds of young people dancing and congregating in front of the stage, completely ignoring the Covid regulations.

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Singer, Maikel de la Calle posted a video on social media networks showing hundreds of young people not complying with the health protocols and Singer Elián Ángel Valenzuela, aka L-Gante, was charged with serious misconduct.

Police reported that instead of trying to calm things down, L-Gante encouraging the students not to comply with security measures.

Dr Javier Arranz, spokesperson for the Regional Committee on Infectious Diseases, is convinced that the outbreak, which affected more than 500 students from the mainland, was imported.

A Ministry of Health investigation found that there were several situations in mid-June that may have contributed to the outbreak, including the RFB Music Erasmus concert in Palma. The organisers are facing a fine of 60,000-600,000 euros for a very serious infraction of the Covid measures.

Despite what happened at the first RFB Music Erasmus concert, Palma City Council allowed the organisers to stage a second event five days later.

Security measures were much better at the second concert and there were no incidents, but there was a huge crowd of students.