Hotel Palma Bellver is a Covid Hotel, Palma. | Emilio Queirolo


The mother of a student from San Fernando in the Municipality of Cádiz who was forced to quarantine at a Covid hotel in Palma after a mass coronavirus outbreak, has filed a criminal complaint against the Director General of Public Health, Maria Antònia Font, for prevarication and illegal detention.

33 students were put in isolation in Mallorca with the permission of the parents, but Arantxa de la Fuente claims her child was taken without her consent. Several of those affected say permission was only granted after the children were in quarantine.

Arantxa de la Fuente also claims that students aged 17 and 18 from the Colegio Compañía de María de San Fernando were not in contact with anyone who tested positive for coronavirus and that the decision to transfer them to the Covid Hotel was unjustified.

She pointed out that her son was taken to the Covid hotel without his parents’ permission and given an antigen test, which was negative and a PCR test, but the results of which are not yet known.

The Authorities have told the families that if all of the PCR tests are negative, the students can leave, but if there is even one positive result they will all have to stay at the hotel for a minimum of ten days before returning home.