Maria Frontera, Mallorca Hotel Federation President sends a message from the Balearic Islands

Maria Frontera, Mallorca Hotel Federation President sends a message from the Balearic Islands.

29-06-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Thousands of British tourists will be arriving on the island this week as the Balearics are placed on Britain´s Green List. Travel giant, Jet2, has 40 flights from across Britain arriving on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Other British travel firms also have large programmes to the island. The President of the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, said that everything was in place to welcome them to the island.


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Tom / Hace 4 months

The best thing for people living here if possible to do is leave the islands to the stupid politicians, and the tourists in typical Mallorcan fashion to the hords of unruly tourists, for the months of July and Aug. let them all infect each other in mindless and careless acts , as if Covid never existed, as then at least they will all be well relaxed when they all go back to where they come from to find their countries going back into tight restrictions and lock downs if this policy of no restrictions of any use is continued by Spain and the UK especially. Portugal has woken up and paid a price, and France and Germany already know very well whats happening now with Covid and have already implemented restrictions again. PS suggest sending Boris and Armengol on vacation together to India or Malaysia to get a grip on what Covid really is and whats coming soon again in a harder form to their countries, vaccinated or not , then they might realise its all being handled to loosely and too unclearly currently by them.


Francois / Hace 4 months



Pablo / Hace 4 months

So great, amazing news , i hope they will bring us the delta variant so we can shut everything down again this autumn... yeah such good news !


Steve / Hace 4 months

On no we’re not, until you get your vaccination levels up to those in the UK. Maybe see you next year unless we find somewhere better value for money.


Majorca fan / Hace 4 months

And unless there is from flexibility shown the will be flying straight back and that will be end of season for majority of U.K. visitors. The website has just been updated that the NHS vaccine pass is acceptable to visit Spain. Slight problem when my wife and I applied for paper copy it took 7 days to arrive. If you are not on the NHS app a delay of around 4 days is typical before registration and access to online proof of vacation. The flights start in numbers on Thursday. Get ready for chaos at U.K. airport and Palma if the jobs worths aren’t ready.