Two Covid Hotel students with suitcases in Palma. | Antena 3

Another two students escaped from a Covid Hotel in Palma on Tuesday night, according to Antena 3 and National Police sources.

​Hundreds of students were quarantined ​in Palma ​after a huge coronavirus outbreak​; ​214 are from Andalusia, 21 from Madrid, 18 from the Basque Country and 12 from Galicia.

National Police ​Officers ​are supposed to be on duty at the hotel 24 hours a day, but ​they were nowhere to be seen when the two students evaded ​hotel security and ​made a run for it.

Images broadcast by Antena 3 show two young men ​with suitcases ​walking along the Paseo Marítimo in Palma with a female activist who allegedly encouraged them to leave the Covid Hotel.

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"They are leaving because they are free,” she claimed “You can’t stop them. Enough of keeping the children, they are leaving voluntarily because they are free to do so.”

One of the boys returned to the hotel voluntarily a few hours later, but the other one is still missing. ​​A search has been launched to find him and Officers at ports and airports have been alerted.

A search warrant has been issued for three other students managed to escape from ​the Covid Hotel​ and Mallorca without authorisation on Saturday. Health Minister, Patricia Gómez said the situation had been reported to the Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts ​& Emergencies and different Autonomies.

When the students are found appropriate action will be considered,” she said “whether that’s a test diagnosis or a fine, will be up to their Community of origin.”