Students at the government's 'Covid hotel'. | Jaume Morey

A Palma judge has ruled that 181 Spanish students isolating at the Balearic government's 'Covid hotel' - the Palma Bellver - and who have not tested positive must be allowed to leave.

The judge has concluded that the government has not proven that these students were close contacts of others who have tested positive. She has also determined that their isolation is disproportionate. Fifty-one other students at the hotel, who are positive, will have to remain there, the judge requiring the government to provide the court with information regarding their status every five days.

The government has the right of appeal to the Balearic High Court, but this doesn't affect the ruling, which takes immediate effect. The students are expected to return to their respective regions on the mainland straightaway.

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In Alcudia, meanwhile, 21 students on an end-of-course trip are in isolation after one tested positive.