Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport in London. archive photo. | Reuters


The UK is on the verge of signing a deal that will allow British residents who’ve had both Covid jabs, to travel to European Union countries without having to quarantine when the get home.

The hope is that the rules can be relaxed by July 26, just in time for the school holidays and that the deal will be extended later, to include all European citizens.

Once the agreement is signed, Brits will be able to use the NHS App to prove that they’ve been fully vaccinated and in return, the UK will recognise the EU’s Digital Green Card.

It will be up to the Home Office to decide whether Covid Certificates should be verified before passengers leave the country; at border controls or if Officials will carry out spot checks.

Vision Box, which controls British e-passport gates, has confirmed that the technology that’s needed to scan UK and EU vaccination certificates is already in place.

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps has said that there are three issues that need to be worked out; what to do about children; how to deal with unvaccinated travellers and how to confirm the vaccine status of travellers arriving or leaving ports and airports.