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Workers and employers in Polígono de Son Castelló in Palma are fed up to the back teeth of the dirt and rubbish left outside their businesses by groups of young people who drink in the streets until the early hours of the morning.

Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro, General director of ASIMA, has vented his anger on social media networks and claims that sometimes people are still drinking when he gets to work in the morning.

“Friday morning follows the #bottle in #Polygon and workers and employers have problems accessing their companies," he tweeted and attached an image showing rubbish scattered all over the road.

Illegal drinking parties have been happening on a regular basis since the end of the State of Alarm, both on weekdays and at the weekend.

It’s a nightmare for businesses and employees who have to navigate the rubbish and the drinkers on a daily basis. Some are resigned to the situation, but others are furious.

The Balearic President, Francina Armengol has pointed out several times that drinking in the street was banned before the pandemic.

"It is a problem that is perhaps being experienced more intensely now." she admits, but critics claim she's not doing nearly enough to stop it.

Polígono de Son Castelló is rapidly becoming a no-go area for Police. Last weekend thousands of people were drinking illegally in the streets and when Officers tried to break up the party they were attacked with bottles and stones.