The PP's congress will be held later this month. | Jaume Morey

The opposition Partido Popular have announced that they will repeal the tourist tax if they are elected to government. The party has set out issues for debate at the congress to be held on July 20, and the tourist tax is one of them.

A document states: "The Partido Popular do not believe in the tax on tourist stays and far less so in the current situation of health, economic and social crisis that is affecting tourism." It adds: "While it is in force and with respect to funds generated, we propose reducing the rate by 100% in the low season and by half in the high season."

The economy and tourism will be key issues for the PP at the next elections (in May 2023). Spokesperson Antoni Costa says that the party's approach is one of "liberalism and the free market social economy". "We do not want to implement any other economic model in the region. We do not believe in replacing tourism; it has to be complemented."

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There is to also be emphasis on health and social policy. Margalida Durán says that the PP will promote "a great pact for health that goes beyond temporary elected positions".