TUI passengers arriving in Palma. | Pere Bota


British tourists have arrived in Mallorca, but according to employer FEHM that hasn’t reactivated the Hotel Sector as much as expected.

"We operate with many things that can trigger changes and a sharp turn of the season,” says FEHM President, Maria Frontera. "The effort made by entrepreneurs and their firm commitment to reopening is not the same as economic recovery in this second season affected by Covid."

Frontera also spoke about the massive coronavirus outbreak caused by students on holiday in Mallorca.

“It has resulted in a stagnation in reservations and a slowdown in the main emitting markets,” she says. “The Islands must ensure compliance with the restrictions to the maximum, communicate properly and intensify the coordinated, rigorous and non-sensationalist message that only causes distortion and confusion."

There are now 613 hotels open on the Island, which is 89 more than two weeks ago.

“Some hotels have postponed their planned openings because activity is slowing down by 50%, according to our forecasts.”

According to surveys by Frontur and Egatur, the Islands are in top position in terms of receiving international visitors; 599,531 have already visited, and the Balearics are the only community with more international tourism than in 2020, in fact 48% more.

International tourists have spent 612 million euros since January, which is 57.2% more than the previous year, whereas other autonomous communities have seen falls in excess of 70%.

British tourism

FEHM’s forecasts are based on the evolution of reservations in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The increase in contagion in the last ten days has caused a retraction in the two main emitting markets, but employers are confident that they will reach acceptable levels, before the UK updates its ‘traffic light’ system.

69 UK flights took off or landed from Balearic airports on Friday and another 94 are scheduled on Saturday.