There was a heavy police presence.

The first Saturday night since UK holidaymakers were able to travel in number, courtesy of the green watch list, and for Magalluf's Calle Punta Ballena it was a comparatively quiet night.

At the peak hour of the night, the police reckoned that, at most, there were some 2,500 people. In the past, there have been 12,000 or more. Not everywhere was open for a mix of British, French, Italian, Spanish. A British student said that it had been a year to forget and that "we deserve a little bit of a party". And by comparison with other summers, it was only a little.

There was a heavy police presence. This included an elite Guardia Civil GRS unit from Madrid. Cars were searched for drugs and for alcohol that might have been for a "botellón" street party. There were no incidents. By Calvia town hall order, the beach was closed at midnight and so the strip was at its busiest by around 1am. The night was but short, though; the establishments which were open had to shut by 2am.