Sun beds & Umbrellas in Alcudia. | Laura Becerra

Demand for sun beds and umbrellas in Alcudia has gone through the roof and in some Sectors there’s just not enough to go around, so Alcudia City Council is planning to put out more.

"When we set up the beaches we kept twice the minimum safety distance and only installed 30% of the usual number of umbrellas, but if demand continues to increase we’ll put out more," explains Playas Councillor, Domingo Bonnín.

Alcudia’s 9 beaches were the first in Spain to be certified as safe by the SGS International Audit in June 2020 and they've been certified again this season.

140,000 euros was raised from sun bed and umbrella rentals in June this year, but that’s nowhere near the amount that was raked in before the coronavirus pandemic.

In June 2019 we collected 690,000 euros; this year we have already collected 20% of that and in sector 2 from the red bridge to Can Picafort the sun beds are full every day,” says Bonnín.

Alcudia City Council has already hired permanent staff and plans to take on reinforcements as and when required.