Summer Festivals banned in Mallorca. archive photo. | Jaume Morey

Summer festivals are being banned in Mallorca because of the increase in coronavirus infections and local Mayors will be informed of the Government’s decision at a meeting with the Councilor for the Presidency, Mercedes Garrido and the President of the Council Catalina Cladera on Thursday.

“There will be no festivals. You can’t. We would love to, but the festivities of Sant Joan de Ciutadella festivities were not celebrated and even so there were crowds and people drank on the beaches and in the streets,” Health Minister, Patricia Gómez told Parliament.

She explained that the intention was not to celebrate the popular Sant Joan festival in Ciutadella, in the same way that the San Fermín festivities were not celebrated in Pamplona, but an influx of people caused risky situations that ended in contagion.

The massive outbreak amongst students on holiday in Mallorca has already caused a dramatic increase in Covid-19 infections in the Balearic Islands and the Government is now preparing a new package of measures to keep the virus control, which include banning open-air festivals.

The Government initially considered allowing the festivals to go ahead as long as there was one are for dancing, another with tables and chairs and people wore face masks, but changed its mind.

Some Municipalities in Mallorca have already postponed their patron saint festivities amid fears that crowds will gather and the virus will spread.

Celebrations such as the Clovelles (almond shells) and Much celebrations in Petra and Sineu, have already been cancelled and will be held online instead, as they were last year.

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