Balearic Nightlife Sector.

Balearic Nightlife Sector. archive photo.

07-07-2021Sergio Cañizares

The Nightlife Sector has barely opened in the Balearics, but it looks like it's about to be blamed for the increase in infections and shut down once again.

The Government, Union Representatives and employers are meeting this afternoon at a new Social Dialogue Board to address what measures need to be taken to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Last week they agreed to paralyse the de-escalation of the Covid restrictions because of the massive increase in infections amongst young people.

But employers CAEB and PIMEB say they will reject any new restrictions and are calling for tighter control of the activities that cause the increase in cases, such as illegal drinking in industrial estates and other open spaces.

"The Balearic Islands must move forward in a controlled de-escalation because this tourist season, everything is at stake," said CAEB President, Carmen Planas. "We must be able to convey the message to our emitting markets that we are a safe destination and that fully vaccinated tourists and those that have negative PCR test results can enjoy their holidays responsibly and return to their countries of origin in good health.”

PIMEB President, Jordi Mora, is also against any new Covid restrictions being introduced.


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Tom / Hace 7 months

Wake up Mallorca ! Forget the crap the tourism minister s , the hotel associations etc are all saying in their own economic interests and self preservation ! Look today at Seoul , Sydney , Bangkok etc all back into lock downs ! Tokio no spectators for Olympics , Johannisberg SA dire Covid deaths , Netherlands bars must close midnight and no night clubs etc to open at all etc etc ! And what does Mallorca do ? Nothing much , except not allowing bottle shops to sell liqour to kids after 10 pm ! A joke and then to let 2069 flight s into Palma this weekend full of tourists is really pure stupidity led by the tourism minister saying its safe ! Really does anyone trust a word these politicians say ? . In 4-5 weeks the Balearics will be hot spot Covid Nr 1 in the EU , with hundreds of thousands of people mixing abd then teturning to where ever they came from , hopefully without Covid in their luggage ! Reality is we are heading for an autumn disaster in the EU as simply the general level of double vqccinated people is no whete near 70 percent plus ! And those who where vaccinated early on will need in a month from now their third jabs ! To which the EU government’s have not said much about to date !