Vaccination at Son Dureta. | Teresa Ayuga

Between last Wednesday and Tuesday this week, a total of 54,692 vaccination appointments were scheduled. Of these, 10,608 were missed, just under 20%.

This is now a matter of concern to the regional health ministry, for whom the most important thing is to immunise as much of the population as possible. If someone misses an appointment, it will clearly take longer for immunisation.

Eugenia Carandell, who is in charge of the vaccination programme, is once more calling on "everyone's responsibility" and on the desire for "us all to be vaccinated". "It is the only way out of this crisis."

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More positive, she notes, has been the response among the 60-69 age group, which has been given the option of moving the second AstraZeneca jab forward by a fortnight. Over the first week of July, 75% (5,786 people) have done so.