Anna Moilanen (left) and Elena Navarro.

Complaints about neighbours' noise in Palma increased by over four times in the first quarter of the year. Health councillor Elena Navarro said on Thursday that proceedings that can result in fines rose from 49 in the first quarter of 2020 to 208. Over the January to March period in 2019, there was just the one.

Navarro explained that the greatest problems are in parts of the cities that are densely populated, e.g. Pere Garau and Son Gotleu.

In response to the increase in complaints, the town hall has launched a campaign to promote respect and coexistence. There are two videos for a campaign which is supported by the city's ombudsman.

Parties, dogs and work carried out when it shouldn't be are the most frequent causes of complaint. Navarro added that it isn't just a question of regulations, it is also one of "respect and putting oneself in another person's place".

Anna Moilanen, the ombudsman, said that "noise is very harmful to physical and mental health". "We all have a role to play."