Bus services | ASDEPP Buses - Ajuntament de Sa Pobla

Great excitement in Sa Pobla, Muro and Inca on Tuesday. A new bus route finally came into service. The 315 line connects the three with the Alcudia Bay resorts, and is a route which has long asked for by the interior municipalities.

With buses running daily from just before 6am to almost 10pm, they are of particular benefit to employees of hotels, restaurants and so on. The service will operate until the end of October.

As befits the launch of such a service, the mayors of the municipalities in question, with the exception of Santa Margalida’s Joan Monjo, gathered at different points on the route to offer their thanks to the Majorca Transport Consortium and to be photographed in front of a bus. For good measure, there was also a photo of a whole bus on its own and minus town hall dignitaries, just in case any of us were unfamiliar with what a bus looks like.