Positivity test rate is now at a level it was in January. | Efe

As of Friday, a total of 7,465 people in the Balearics were either isolating because of Covid or were in hospital - 67 in the case of the latter. Under half (3,407) were active cases, people positive for Covid; the rest were close contacts.

The health service is stressing that anyone who has symptoms should not go to a health centre. They can call the free InfoCovid number, 900 100 971. Sticking to the quarantine requirement is essential.

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Friday's figures showed that the positivity test rate - 9.81% from 4,771 tests - was similar to what it was at the end of January. The cumulative incidence of 273.9 was also comparable with how it was some five and a half months ago. In terms of risk classification, a 14-day incidence above 250 is considered to be extreme risk.

However, a key difference lies with the number of people in hospital. On January 31, there were 249 Covid patients on wards in Mallorca, 145 in Ibiza and 18 in Minorca - a total of 412 - plus 106 patients in intensive care in Mallorca, 22 in Ibiza and seven in Minorca. In all, there were 547 people in hospital. Currently, therefore, hospital admissions are 12.3% of what they were at the end of January