Increase in the number of Covid patients in Mallorca. | Teresa Ayuga

The Monday report from the health ministry indicates 375 new positive cases of coronavirus, with a test rate of 9.46% from 3,964 tests. Of the 375, 323 are in Mallorca; there are 40 in Ibiza and 12 in Minorca.

There was no comprehensive reporting over the weekend, but for the three days that correspond to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the total number of new positive cases is 1,308 (Friday 473; Saturday 460; Sunday 375).

There is a "technical problem" with the ministry's system and so there is no updated information for cumulative incidence rates. The seven-day positivity test rate for the Balearics is 9.18% (it was 8.56% on Friday) and for Mallorca is 9.48% (was 9.05%).

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On hospital wards, there have been increases in Covid patients on all three islands - Mallorca 48 (from 35 on Friday); 15 Minorca (from ten); Ibiza 12 (from eight). In intensive care units, there are 17 patients in Mallorca (eleven on Friday). In Ibiza the number is down one to two. In Minorca there is one patient; there were none on Friday.

502 more people have recovered, three of whom were in hospital. The total number of people being attended to by the health service in the Balearics (active cases) is 4,148; it was 3,407 on Friday. Primary care in Mallorca is monitoring 2,790 people - 591 more.

The vaccination. A total of 1,087,544 doses have been administered in the Balearics; 847,501 in Mallorca. 63.2% of the target population has had at least one dose; 47.4% the complete course.