Balearic tourism minister, Iago Negueruela

Iago Negueruela, confident that the amber listing will not harm tourism.


Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela responded to the Wednesday announcement of the UK's amber listing by saying that this will not harm the islands, which remain a "safe destination".

The minister observed that this change had been "signalled" in recent days, adding that the situation in the rest of Spain was "very similar" to that of the Balearics; there has been an "increase in cumulative incidence".

He pointed out that fully vaccinated holidaymakers will not need to quarantine on return and nor will the under-18s. "More than 35 million British people can travel with complete double vaccination. We will therefore be receiving fully vaccinated people and family holidays, a type of tourism we have always defended."

Negueruela acknowledged that there is a high incidence in the Balearics because of the Delta variant. Nevertheless, the UK's decision will still allow the islands "to have a tourism season". "We opened before anyone else, and we will remain open all the time, thanks to vaccination."

Stressing that Covid is "still among us", the minister appealed to "individual responsibility" in order to improve the current situation for the benefit of economic activity.


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nigel / Hace 7 months

but make it less than 3 months!


Steve Kane / Hace 7 months

No Sir it might not harm the Balearics but it will damaged the pockets of tourists when they leave to fly home because they will have to pay at least £90 per person for a day two COVID test thats £90 per person for a family of 4 that an extra £360 what about using the tourist tax to help out.


l crofts / Hace 7 months

Hope i get stuck there