The Albercutx watchtower | E.B.

If you fancied organising a bit of a summer evening’s party with some relaxing music as accompaniment as the sun goes down, where might you choose? If this party were in Puerto Pollensa, then you might opt for the beach. It would be easy enough. You could just walk onto the beach from the road. But would this be romantic enough? And why settle for somewhere simple to access, when you have the Formentor peninsula nearby.

What about an old watchtower instead? The Albercutx watchtower. Perched some 380 metres above the sea, it does of course offer some excellent views. Perfect, you might think, and so did those who did have a bit of a summer evening’s party the other day. A DJ provided some chillout music for those who had gathered for the sunset and who had no worries about access by private car, as the restriction ended (as it does each day) at 7pm. The Alternativa per Pollença have expressed their outrage at not just a bit of a party but also the “massification” which occurred. Cars and people.

Yes, ok, the location may be in the Tramuntana natural area and have a limited use in accordance with the plan for the management of the mountains’ natural resources, but were those who gathered (and a video doesn’t show many) doing any real harm? They weren’t actually on the watchtower, and the music wasn’t in keeping with a watchtower theme - it wasn’t Jimi Hendrix blaring out across the bay. There again, the Alternativa will have a point if this a regular occurrence, if the numbers are great and if there is litter and what have you.

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The beach might therefore be a better option, although there would doubtless be a complaint about that as well.