Test rate down to 11,62%. | Efe (Marta Perez)

The Balearic health ministry has reported 752 new positive cases of coronavirus with a test rate of 11,62%. These numbers are therefore down on Friday's 864 cases and a 12.47% rate. By island, there are 539 cases in Mallorca, 145 in Ibiza, 60 in Minorca and eight in Formentera.

In the hospitals, there are 82 Covid patients in Mallorca (an increase of four from Friday, and there are 18 in Ibiza (up two) and 16 in Minorca (no change). In Mallorca and Minorca, the numbers of patients in intensive care are unchanged - 22 and four respectively - while there is one more patient in Ibiza (five in all).

No new deaths have been reported; the total since the start of the pandemic remains 846. The health service is now attending to 6,600 people (up 550). As for the vaccination, 65.8% of the target population have had at least one dose (681,599 people) and 52.1% (539,918 people) the full course.

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As noted previously, information at the weekend is only basic. Various detailed reports relating to, for example, incidence rates are not available.