Demand for all types of pool. | MDB

There is a boom in demand for swimming pools, both permanent and portable. A leading supplier, Hidrobalear, says that it has a waiting list for pool installation, noting that it is as if people want to spend more time at home. "They want their own private space and not have to go to the beach. It's the same whether the client is Spanish or foreign."

A change in way of life to one that is more family-oriented has led to greater investment in home improvements, and pools are among these. The company adds that it is now becoming "unthinkable to have a chalet without a pool". "Previously, people made do with the beach. It's not the same now."

Prices vary according to type and to material. A wooden pool can be between 3,500 and 10,000 euros, while portable ones are available from 1,000 euros. Pools that are built into the ground can be up to 50,000 euros. The smallest demountable pools have some five cubic metres.

Another company, Mascaró Suministres i Serveis, says that it also has a waiting list and that some models are out of stock. Manufacturers are encountering difficulties with getting hold of material. Last summer, the company notes, people were wanting pools - or so it seemed - because they were fearful of there being another lockdown. "We can't explain" the demand this summer. "Perhaps it's because there is a greater sense of security in spending more time at home."