The identities of the attackers are known. | Ramirez

On Sunday afternoon, Son Espases Hospital reported that the 27-year-old Dutch tourist who was beaten up and kicked in the head in Playa de Palma had died. The hospital had earlier announced that he had a haematoma on the brain.

The National Police homicide squad have confirmed that he and his four friends, all of whom were attacked as well, did not know any of the group of thirteen young Dutch tourists who had approached them between Balnearios 1 and 2. Nine of the thirteen took part in the assault; images were captured on security cameras. One was detained at Son Sant Joan as he attempted to take a flight back to the Netherlands. The eight others had managed to get flights. The Dutch police have been notified; the identities of the eight are known.

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The police in Mallorca say that the group had come to the island with the sole intention of "doing harm".