Tourist resort, Mallorca. | A.S.

Hoteliers in the Balearics are anxioulsly awaiting travel decisions from the German and UK Governments after the increase in coronavirus infections on the Islands.

Hotel occupancy levels in some areas are already well below expectations due to the ups and downs of the pandemic.

“There is a lot of alarm and concern, because the entire tourist season is at stake. If London decides to move the Balearic Islands from ‘Amber’ to ‘Amber Plus’ British tourists will have to quarantine when they return to the UK. The same could happen with Germany who may require PCR tests or some type of quarantine,” said Hoteliers in Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

The British Government will announce its decision on Thursday and the German Government will decide on Friday.

Tourist Groups and Tour Operators are worried because any change in travel restrictions means they’ll have to reschedule hundreds of tourist packages and flights from the UK and Germany to the Balearic Islands.

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