Carlo was beaten to death.

Carlo was beaten to death.


Eight Dutch tourists wanted in connection with the brutal murder of a Dutch tourist in the Playa de Palma last weekend are fighting extradition to Mallorca Carlo Heuvelman, was beaten to death last weekend after being attacked on Arenal beach while he was drinking with a group of friends.

According to police the suspects had rented a luxury villa and had gone out last weekend "looking for trouble." After being ejected from a nightclub, the group spotted Carlo and his friends., After an initial friendly approach they turned nasty attacking the group of five Dutch riends.

According to medical reports, Carlo, was repeatedly kicked in the head. The other four also sustained injuries as the group fled the scene. They allegedly returned to home to Holland the next day.

According to press reports this morning the eight have hired a massive legal team to fight extradition.


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Colin Allcars / Hace 6 months

If the EU does not ensure that these murderers are returned to Mallorca to face trial, then what is the point of the EU?

Freedom to travel across borders must also include freedom of the authorities to enforce the law across borders, using as much force as is necessary.

Justice for the murdered man demands that his killers face the law of the country where he was killed.


Stephano / Hace 6 months

These thugs must be returned to Mallorca to face questions and justice. Anything less is a dereliction of duty to law and order, not to mention the family of the murdered deceased