Teenager injured on Palma 'Party Boat'.

Teenager injured on Palma 'Party Boat'.

20-07-2021Protección Civil Llucmajor

A German tourist was seriously injured during a trip on a 'party boat' on Tuesday.

The boat set sail from Palma port and at around 19:00 the 19-year-old tourist fell on the deck, hit his head and lost consciousness.

His friends notified the Captain and the boat headed for Arenal to get help for the wounded man.

Local Police notified Llucmajor Civil Protection Officers who were waiting in the port when the 'party boat' arrived.

061 Emergency Services personnel stabilised the teenager who has been admitted to Son Llàtzer Hospital where he is being treated for a severe head injury.


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Carly / Hace 6 months

I thought that these party boats were banned at the moment. If not why not? No social distancing


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

A party boat rocked up at playa de San Pere in Alcudia a few days back. It ruined being on the beach for everyone else and then a coach party turned up from god knows where! It was mad. Abandon beach!


John Law / Hace 6 months

Hopefully this may help to get them banned, as they should be,I'm surprised that they don't have insurance issues. Crowds of drunken young people and going to sea to party is ridiculous and irresponsible, - we have enough with that in bars as it is. Nothing wrong with a nice boat trip, with a glass of sangia maybe, but you need real tourists for that, not the rabble that these attract.