TIB bus, Palma. | EFE

TIB passengers who have an intermodal card can now transfer to EMT buses to Son Llàtzer Hostpital and Son Espases Hospital for free, according to the Ministry of Mobility & Housing.

The new pilot scheme began on Wednesday, but at the moment the free transfers are only available on buses to Son Espases Hospital and Son Llàtzer Hospital. The scheme will be extended to include all EMT lines in the last quarter this yeas. TIB passengers with an intermodal card, who only use EMT buses, will pay 1.15 euros instead of 2 euros for a single fare.

Passengers on the 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 and 106 can transfer to the 29 at Son Dureta Hospital to go to Son Espases Hospital.

Passengers on the 107 can transfer to the number 20 or 39 on Carretera Valldemossa, near Ocimax to go to Son Espases Hospital.

Passengers on the 502, 503 and 504 can transfer to the number 27 or 28 at Fan Mallorca to go to Son Llátzer Hospital.

Passengers must validate their intermodal card when they get on and off a TIB bus and will have 60 minutes to transfer to an EMT bus on the outbound journey and 90 minutes to transfer to a TIB bus on the return journey. Intermodal cards must be validated on each EMT journey.

This second phase of the tariff integration aims to make it easier for passengers to transfer between urban and long-distance bus networks and encourage them to use public transport.

The first step integrated the citizen card with the M1 metro line for travel to the University of the Balearics, or UIB and transfer between the metro and EMT is free if it is done within 90 minutes of the first validation.

The Consorcio de Transporte de Mallorca has provided the EMT with about 200 vending machines and 400 ticket validation machines.

EMT bus, Palma.