Today's protest in Inca

Today's protest in Inca

24-07-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

About thirty people gathered at 12 noon under a blazing sun to denounce bullfighting in general and against the bullfight that will take place on the 30th of June in Inca. The event was organised by the animal rights group Animanaturalis and the veterinary association AVATMA.

The participants were dressed in black and stood next to the olive tree which presides over the bullring, lined up in rows and keeping a safe distance while holding up signs showing photographs of a bloodied bull at different moments of the bullfight. The signs contained different slogans such as "This is barbarism", "This is cruelty" or "This is pain".

After reading a manifesto, the participants shouted slogans such as "Bullfighting abolition", "Torture is neither art nor culture" or "Mallorca is anti-bullfighting".

The coordinator of Animanaturalis, Eliana Guerreño, stated that "we are here to reject bullfighting in Mallorca. We want a Mallorca without blood and torture. Bullfighting tries to convince us that this activity is culture and that it represents the feelings of the Mallorcan people. However, nobody missed the bullfighting slaughter when it was suspended during the pandemic".

The activist added that "the aim is to make it clear that a lot of public money is being invested in the rescue of bullfighting. We have collected between Aniamanaturalis and CAS International 190,000 signatures so that bullfighting is not rescued and no more aid is given".


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Brian / Hace 6 months

Bullfighting and any blood sports need eradicating in all societies , we call ourselves civilised but many pay to watch animals suffering. If that is being being civilised I would hate to meet the barbarians.


Colin Allcars / Hace 6 months

Is the idiotic bracketed comment ‘(most of them women)’ in any way relevant, or of any use other than a blatantly and provocatively sexist attack on women’s place in society?


Mr B / Hace 6 months

Well done to Animanaturalis and the veterinary association AVATMA. Call yourselves a civilized country? All you think of is money making.