Overseas vaccination to be recognised.

Overseas vacciation to be recognised.

23-07-2021Carlos Ortega

British residents in the Balearics who have been double-vaccinated in loca hospitals will soon be able to travel to the UK more easily, as the government prepares to recognise jabs given overseas, British media said this afternoon.

Current restrictions mean only those who have been fully inoculated by the British National Health Service are able to take advantage of avoiding quarantine if coming from countries graded green and amber under the traffic light system. Spain is at present on the amber list.

Thousands of British citizens who are dual nationals or have been living or working in Spain have still been forced to isolate for up to 10 days, but the rules are expected to be changed from August.

Those who have had both jabs in other countries will be able to apply to register these with their doctor – but the vaccines must be ones which are approved for use in Britain Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Janssen.


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Peter / Hace 6 months

This "traffic light" system is crazy. Being double vaccinated makes no difference to whether you have the virus or not, - or whether you can transmit it to others. We've been told it enough times, THE VACCINATIONS DO NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CATCHING THE VIRUS...


Mike R / Hace 6 months

You have to be registered with a UK GP.

If you are resident here, legally, then you can't have a UK GP.

What is so hard to understand?


Colin Allcars / Hace 6 months

I’m in Shuggie’s situation income wise, we have private medical insurance for the same reason, my wife and I have our TIEs, Covid Certificates (we both had the single jab Janssen vaccine), Covid passports and Spanish driving licences.

No drama.


Peter P / Hace 6 months

@Shuggie you can still register at you local GP then you would be eligible for the vaccine.


PP / Hace 6 months

We are also residents, but don´t have a GP here. Same situation as Shuggie. My other half had both doses on the island, and I had my first one in Scotland (while back for work), and second one here in Palma. IB Salut were very helpful in sorting this for both of us, even with my unusual circumstances and us not being on their system. My certificate from here shows the date and type of the first dose (from Scotland) as they manually put it on their system. Not everyone is in the same situation, good to hear that some common sense is being applied to entry requirements to the UK!


John Law / Hace 6 months

@Shuggie. You're very fortunate not to have to work, and can afford private medical insurance even though you're not retired, I imagine that you'll be in the minority. If you're resident you're a Spanish taxpayer though, so you'll be paying tax here on your worldwide income. Good luck with getting your vaccinations though, insurance doesn't cover that...


Shuggie / Hace 6 months

@John Law, So I moved here in 2019. I had to take out private medical insurance to get my residency. I don’t work or pay into the system and I’m not UK retirement age. I don’t have a Spanish health card or Spanish GP as I have private health insurance.


nigel / Hace 6 months

Exactly Marvin, the truth is not welcomed.


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

You are either resident in Mallorca or resident in the UK. And now after Brexit, you definitely can’t fudge it anymore. If you’ve not got your new TIE card then you are not officially a British Citizen resident here. You are then under the 90 day stay rule and should be registered back in the UK.. Those of us who live and work in Mallorca (full time) are not British Residents. They should be registered with IB Salut and not be on a UK GPs register. It’s not the same as being a British Citizen who comes here on holiday or has a holiday home. This has got all the hallmarks of more muddled thinking from Gov UK and no one really considering the realities for British Citizens who are resident elsewhere in the EU.


John Oliver / Hace 6 months

@ Sue The article is typically vague, but I am with you, I understand it to mean a U.K. doctor - why would one need to register the vaccinations with a doctor in Mallorca (or anywhere in Spain) when we have the Covid Certificate which contains all the relevant information in English, Castellano and Catalán?