Nurses protesting, Palma. | Ultima Hora

The nurses' union SATSE has warmed IB-Salut that it will take unprecedented action if nurses holidays are suspended.

“The union is ready to mobilise all of its resources,” said Union Reps, who pointed out that healthcare workers have been working non-stop since the pandemic began."

"The plan drawn up by the Administration includes little or no incentives for professionals to voluntarily postpone their holidays in a year in which tens of thousands of overtime hours have been worked,” they said.

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The union also stressed that the nurses are completely exhausted and need some rest.

"The suppression of holidays in the current context puts the physical and mental health of professionals at risk,” said Satse Reps. “The lack of health professionals is a structural problem in the Balearic Islands that worsens when IB-Salut decides to abandon its contracts due to accumulated fatigue. Since the pandemic began, more than 300 nurses have fled job insecurity and the high cost of living in the the Balearic Islands.”

Satse accused IB-Salut of making random decisions during each Covid wave instead of sticking to a structured plan.

"Decisions are being made without the sectoral table, which is mandatory when dealing with working conditions.”