Covid-19 cases on the Balearic Islands as of July 31

Covid-19 cases on the Balearic Islands as of July 31.

31-07-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ministry for Health today reported 771 new positive cases of coronavirus in the region, 25 more than yesterday, and a positivity rate of 12.04 percent of all diagnostic tests carried out.

No new deaths were reported. But, the healthcare situation continues to rise.

Today there were 302 people admitted for complications of the disease and another 58 were being treated in intensive care units.

The Covid occupancy rate in intensive care remained at 20 percent.

Since the start of the pandemic, 82,531 people have been infected in the Balearic Islands and 858 have died.

By islands, 561 positive cases were reported in Mallorca; 43 in the ICU and 216 people on the wards.

In Ibiza 164 there were new infections; 10 in intensive care and 68 on the ward. In Minorca 37 new positive tests were reported, five in ICU and 18 in hospitals.

In Formentera, nine positive tests were reported. In terms of vaccination, 72.9 % of the target population has at least had one dose and 62.1 % have already received the full vaccination.


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Gabriel / Hace 6 months

These reports started being more and more useless the moment the majority got vaccinated. If you don't tell us how many of these are vaccinated and with what, this is useless. People who got vaccinated will believe all of the new cases are not vaccinated, therefore they won't be careful anymore. The ones not vaccinated will believe that there are many vaccinated amongst the new cases, therefore they will still not take the vaccine. This is deliberate hiding information from the public...


Marvin the Martian / Hace 6 months

It’s up, it’s down, it’s shake it all around, let’s do the covid Hokey Cokey! Again and again and again. So tired of these type of reports which do nothing but create further confusion and deter travellers.