People on the Son Parc beach in Minorca

Still a long way to go in recovering 2019 tourist levels.

03-08-2021David Arquimbau Sintes

In June, the Balearics attracted 656,082 foreign tourists. This was the highest number for any region of Spain, beating Catalonia by some 250,000. Catalonia, second among the regions, had 404,172 foreign tourists. Historically, Catalonia is the Spanish region which attracts the highest numbers of foreign tourists in the summer months.

Just under 30% of all Spain's foreign tourists in June came to the Balearics. The 656,082 compared with only 28,388 in June 2020. Slightly less than half of this June's tourists (319,931) were from Germany; the Netherlands, with 58,040, contributed the second highest number. In June 2019, there were 2,065,329 foreign tourists in the Balearics.

Over the first six months of 2021 the Balearics attracted 1,255,613 foreign tourists, the highest number ahead of Catalonia (975,016) and the Canaries (753,587). The Balearics number for the same six months in 2019 was 5,540,205.

Nationally, there were 2.2 million foreign tourists in June. In the same month of 2020 there were 204,000. In June 2019 there were 8.8 million. For the six months to June, the total was 5.4 million. In 2020, the number was 10.7 million (almost all up to mid-March), while there were 38.1 million between January and June 2019.


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Majorca fan / Hace 6 months

It’s good for the islands but hardly a surge more a trickle. I commented some months ago that confused messages from the European Commission and individual member states was baking in the staycation view in the U.K. pictures of long queues at airports and endless pointless paperwork to enter then leave Spain is off putting at this time. The effective island season is now only 6 more weeks. Simplify entry or that will be lost some carriers ar already removing flight in September and October. The virus is with us now and for ever. Quicker we accept that fact and get back to the best normal we can. At this rate next year will be a repeat of this in Majorca I suspect..