Flor de Sal Salt Pans, Campos.

Flor de Sal Salt Pans, Campos. archive photos

04-08-2021Flor de Sal d'Es Trenc

The salt pans in Es Trenc date back to the early 1950’s and production began in the 1960’s.

The marshes sprawl over 170 hectares of Campos land and Mallorca’s biggest salt company, Flor de Sal, produces tons of salt every year.

The Council of Mallorca wants to certify Flor de Sal d’Es Trenc as an artisan product and Economic Promotion & Local Development Councillor, Jaume Alzamora, recently visited Salines des Trenc with Laura Calvo, Head of Communications for Flor de Sal and Campos Mayor, Xisca Porquer.

Salt collection takes place between June and September, which is when the fleur de sal crystals are usually formed in seawater, depending on temperature, humidity and wind.

The crystals that float to the surface of the salt pans are collected by hand, deposited in wicker baskets and left to rest for 24 hours to lose excess water, then dried in the sun.

Flor de Sal originates from Salines des Trenc in the Maritime Natural Park-Es Trenc-Salobrar in Campos and has an ecological certificate from the Balearic Council of Ecological Agrarian Production.

The Council of Mallorca is determined to secure artisan certificates for salt professionals and their products from next year.

“It is an example of a competitive product, with an international presence that benefits the local economy. It never loses its historical characteristics and will always be linked to Es Trenc, which it contributes to in a sustainable way,” said Alzamora.

The salinero profession is one of the 41 artisan trades that will be incorporated into the Council of Mallorca’s new Repertory of Artisan Trades, or ROA.

Salineros, Flor de Sal, Campos.


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Leo / Hace 6 months

It is just a shame it is not owned by a Mallorcan or Spanish Company.